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Dance Gavin Dance - Jackpot Juicer

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some kind of mouse king from whoville watching the fruit of the loom mascots wrestle over some pseudo-hip hop half skramz bullshit chorus before another song entirely cuts in for the bubblegum pop cleans with nick lachey jailed by the leaf things from zelda.


Miss those Royal Ocean days.


How is this band selling >20k vinyl copies? Damn.

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I think this is officially the album cycle where I just stopped caring about DGD.

It was probably inevitable though, with the sheer volume of stuff they put out.
Only other band going this hard and making it work (in my library) is perhaps King Gizzard.

Also I haven't followed any of the Tillian stuff,  but if he was actually gone for good and Kurt Rejoined the band.... that is probably the only thing that would get my hyped again. 

Kurt fanboy 4 lyfe.

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49 minutes ago, phillybhatesme said:

Arent they touring? Who is singing for Tillian now?

Andrew is filling in on vocals for Tilian. Marc Okubo of Veil of Maya is filling in for Andrew's guitar spot. Kurt is doing vocals on some songs. I believe Sergio Medina is still filling in on bass.

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Jackpot Juicer on limited edition 2xLP color vinyl. The "Clear with Blue & Red Splatter" variant is limited to 2,000 pieces total.

This vinyl will ship with an insert that is made to be colored by the buyer, so you can design it using colors of your liking. It will be packaged in a resealable vinyl sleeve.

Please note that this item is a preorder that will not ship until Mid August 2022



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