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Drive-Thru 26 teaser....

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PW is drivethru 

Can't wait to see what's in store!

Also glad to be back on the forum, took a break for a few years and good to be back!

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Parting Gift was recently teasing PGR021. Maybe some of the unannounced ones will be for DTR.


PGR001 - Rufio's Perhaps, I Suppose

PGR002 - Boysnightout's Trainwreck

PGR003 - Hot Mulligan's Fenton + Honest & Cunning

PGR004 - Saves the Day's In Reverie

PGR005 - Every Time I Die's Gutter Phenomenon

PGR006 - ???

PGR007 - Cartel's The Ransom EP

PGR008 - Brightens King vs Queen

PGR009 - This Providence's Our World's Divorce

PGR010 - Various Artist's Policia!

PGR011 - Blackpool Lights' This Town's Disaster

PGR012 - The Swellers' My Everest

PGR013 - ???

PGR014 - ???

PGR015 - ???

PGR016 - ???

PGR017 - Better Off's Better Off

PGR018 - ???

PGR019 - ???

PGR020 - ???

PGR021 - ???

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1 hour ago, meatrocket8 said:

I forgot about them. I liked I Got Fucked Up. Did they ever release a full length through DTR?

They kind of put out a second EP. Whether or not it was on Drive-Thru or self-released I don't know. I assume it was self-released. It took a while for all the songs to drop and they were only on Facebook and YouTube. If I remember right I booked the last show they played back in 2014. Ty is a firefighter now and the other guys that I know personally are still around Delmarva.

Here's the full EP in a playlist on their channel:

This guy did a fan-made documentary about the band that was pretty good:


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2 minutes ago, thefavoriteplay said:

I'd love a WIITB repress but why not Finch's Falling Into Place EP as well?



Represses would be great, but some short-run, first time on vinyl pressings would be awesome..


SoCo - Audioboxer EP


I Can Make A Mess - S/T

Halifax - A Writer’s Reference

Houston Calls - Both LPs!

The Track Record - S/T  EP

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