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Drive-Thru 26 teaser....

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4 hours ago, meatrocket8 said:

Special edition vinyl pressings featuring...

New Found Glory

The Starting Line


The Early November 

Steel Train

The Movielife



Hidden in Plain View

Houston Calls


+ much more to come.

Featuring is an interesting word to use...


Watch they just press all their samplers from that era. I'd laugh hard.

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7 hours ago, meatrocket8 said:

Didn't DTR have an upstream deal with MCA/Geffen?

MCA/Geffen funded the label at a certain point when they started to get popular, but DTR still had ownership of the label itself.  However, since they were funding them, MCA/Geffen had first pick to the DTR roster which is why a handful were released through them and DTR just being the parent label.  NFG, SoCo, Finch, Fenix TX, TSL.  Some early albums are straight up owned by DTR so pressing them has no red tape like Finch’s first EP, TSL’s first EP and LP.  I always check who currently owns the copyright by just going on Apple Music/iTunes and it’ll say at the bottom.. not sure if Spotify lists the copyright.  This is important too since some bands buy out their masters and keep them or release them through another label.  It happened awhile back with Lookout Records, but I think they were forced.  DTR still held on to most of their releases which I’m sure a lot of bands who wanted to re-release them themselves weren’t/aren’t happy about after all these years.

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4 hours ago, blueeyesgetboring said:

you probably aren’t too far off, they pressed the welcome to the family comp a couple years ago. 

I expected that to sound bad for some reason.. but it was a nice surprise when I put it on.  I think Field Day is working with them and they do a good job with their reissues.

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10 hours ago, diabretic said:

A repress of the Starting Line and Early November EPS please. 

So hope so! Sold two of my EP's and would love those back... Got an OG Based on... but am a sucker for represses, gotta see how my wallet will hold up. Really want that hellogoodbye ep at a decent price. Would kill to have pretty pretty as a bside on one of the albums. :) Just hope we can actually get a chance at purchasing and not instant sell out like NFG a few weeks ago.

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Drive-Thru Records 26th Anniversary

Exclusive Vinyl Pressings Coming Soon

We planned on celebrating our 20th anniversary...never got around to it. 

Then we planned on celebrating our 21st anniversary with a booze theme... never got around to it.

Then we planned on celebrating Drive-Thru Turns 22 because it rhymed... never got around to it.

25th was a big one...never got around to it. 

Now here we are.  Drive-Thru's 26th anniversary...and it’s actually happening.

Hope you’re happy. We are.


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