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[PO] Pool Kids - S/T (July 22, 2022)

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Pressing Info:

/250 - 180-Gram Audiophile Black 12" vinyl LP

/250 - Tri-color Striped Pink / Bone / Doublemint 12" vinyl LP (Skeletal Lightning Store exclusive)

/500 - Baby Blue in Blue Jay color in color 12" vinyl LP




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Good news!

Pool Kids Vinyl Pre-Order Updates 

Hi folks,

Sean and Mo from Skeletal Lightning here. You're receiving this email because you pre-ordered a copy of Pool Kids' new album on vinyl from the Skeletal Lightning Store or Bandcamp. 

Quick note that the Pool Kids self-titled vinyl is a pre-order item expected to ship by January 2023

For those new to pre-ordering vinyl from us - the album has yet to be pressed by the manufacturer due to supply shortages and delays across the industry, which is why we can't ship them yet. There's a chance that the records might get pressed a month or two sooner, and if it does happen, we'll certainly work to get your order to you sooner as well. For now, January is our best estimate.

Either way, know that as soon as the records are pressed and arrive in our hands, we'll get your orders shipped as soon as humanly possible! 

If you need to update your shipping address in the meantime, it's a super easy process. Just reply to this email or hit us up at any time before January rolls around and we can get your address updated. You can also do that yourself if you signed up for an account on the Skeletal Lightning store. I believe Bandcamp has a similar option if you've got a fan account with them.

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