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PO: The Devil Wears Prada - Color Decay

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7 minutes ago, HardlineKid said:

I got the Gold/White/Black twist. The splatter looks great but I don't have much faith in what the end result will look like,


I see they're following the trend of making the plainest variants the most limited lol.

Makes sense, other wise they sell slower!

Also, I missed the splat, and would REALLY like one.
if anyone grabbed a second copy, shoot me a DM I  will pay a small premium for it

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3 new variants:

Cancer (Half Clear/Half White with black and gold splatter) /500 https://tdwpband.com/products/color-decay-lp-cancer-variant-preorder

Sacrifice (Half Swamp Green/Half Cloudy Clear with white and purple splatter) /500 https://tdwpband.com/products/color-decay-lp-sacrifice-variant-preorder

Time (Black & Gold Smash)/500 https://tdwpband.com/products/color-decay-lp-time-variant-preorder

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Still hasn't been a single from this album cycle I have liked more than any of the songs on The Act.
Which isn't to say any of them are bad.... I really like Sacrafice.
But IMO the Act is their best album? so my expectations are high.... but this set of songs has been a bit more 'plain jane'

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Got my copy today. Surprised I didn't have to wait several months for it! 🤣 And the album is fantastic in my opinion!

Also, I ordered the "Watchtower" one, and it didn't turn out like the tri color mockup. It's more like a black/silver starburst. Looks cool, but I'm wondering if I got another variant...

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Yeah still developing my feelings on this album.
I really loved "The Act" and its probably their best album IMO.

This by comparison feels so safe and expected.

Like they just said 'lets go back to writing hits' rather than pushing the envelope.
All fun/solid songs but few standouts....


Favorite track is Noise. 

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3 new variants - 2nd pressing

"Noise" Clear w/ White/Grey/Black Splatter /500


"Fire" Transparent ColorInColor ElectricBlue-Reddish /500



"Hallucinate" Clear Neon Green Tri-Color /500


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