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PO: Russian Circles - Gnosis (8/19/2022)

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8 hours ago, Derek™ said:

Excellent news.  I feel like I enjoyed Blood Year more than a lot of folks were able to.  Not quite up Guidance's quality, in my opinion, but still really good.  I listened to a live version of Conduit about a month ago and thought it was great – can't wait to hear a studio take on it.

This is exactly how i feel. Loved guidance, liked blood year very much, and new song rips. 

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  • zaoza changed the title to PO: Russian Circles - Gnosis (8/19/2022)

New song is what I expected, run of the mill Russian Circles.

I'm actually working on thinning out my collection a bit and i've got several Russian Circles albums on the chopping block if anyone is interested.  I'm keeping Station and Geneva (far and away their best 2 albums imo) but everything else I have by them is going away.  Specifically the following:


Memorial - Black vinyl

Guidance - Black vinyl

Empros - Black vinyl

Blood Year - indie exclusive Gold vinyl


DM me if interested

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9 minutes ago, mrewest said:

Blood Year was fine but felt like their most “auto-pilot” album yet.  “Conduit” sounds like what I wish Blood Year sounded like.  Kinda like a varsity version of Quartered imo.  It might honestly be my favorite track since 309.  

That's interesting. I didn't really get into Memorial or Guidance. Guidance was better than Memorial but didn't really stick with me either. Blood Year actually felt like a reinvigorated band with a more intriguing scope of song craft especially compared to the prior two. This new song makes me feel like we are going back to Guidance which actually feels like autopilot to me but with a late 90's proto-nu metal spice.

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