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DIY turntable considerations and questions

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I have recently started creating a turntable from the ground up I will be creating a blog with an extensive writeup of exactly what I did and more Importantly - why. 

Things purchased:
Platter Mat
Motor / motor driver / motor belt
Isolation feet


Things I will be creating from scratch:
Bearing for platter


Platter: The platter I have decided to go with is a 13" diameter 4" thick disc of solid Aluminum (54lbs). I chose aluminum over other metals due to cost. I decided to not go with acrylic due to the bearing setup I am using.


Platter bearing: completely custom ferrofluid double pocket bearings for the axial load and a Clearaudio CMB surrounded by sorbothane for radial loads. This means the platter will effectively have no physical contact to transmit vibrations through as ferrofluid pocket bearings actually use a rigid cylinder of air held in place by ferrofluid rings held in place by the magnetic flux of an axially magnetized ring magnet. this will reduce wobble of the platter to sub 0.01mm tolerances while still having the vibration mitigation of a magnetic bearing. 


Motor: Am in talks with 3 motor manufacturers, Will likely be going with a Kollmorgen 3430-A10 stepper motor (part of its PMX line). This motor will deliver around 800 oz-in or a little over 4.16 ft-lb.
Motor driver: likely a Kollmorgen P6000 
Motor belt: probably REGA - EBLT Advanced Drive Belt


Tonearm: Linn Akito Tonearm


Cartridge: Whatever I have laying around, probably a AT231LP for now.


Isolation Feet: Probably sorbothane feet.

Plinth: Will be isolated from the platter to reduce harmonic coupling and various issues. Will likely be made of rose quartz for wow factor.


Questions for the forum:
What have I overlooked? 
How can I reduce motor noise?
What do you want to know about the bearing? I spent nearly a month designing it.

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