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FS: old band shirts—TWY, ETID, saosin, chiodos, TSOAF, the fall of troy, say anything, etc.


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edit: re-upping this thread after a long hiatus. i re-found these shirts (again) after moving (again) and would like to get them out of here and to someone who might like them (or resell them for profit, whatever).


there's ~30 shirts so i'm asking for some semblance of the following:

  • $2 per shirt
  • $8 for 5 shirts
  • $40 for all 30ish shirts
  • plus whatever it costs to ship (anywhere from $5 for one shirt up to a maximum of $20 for all the shirts)


here are the shirts i catalogued but there may be more. if for some reason there are fewer than 30 shirts, i will discount accordingly:

  • 6x saosin
  • 2x chiodos
  • 3x say anything
  • 2x the sound of animals fighting
  • 1x the dear hunter
  • 1x puig destroyer
  • 1x a day to remember
  • 1x the dangerous summer
  • 1x this time next year
  • 1x cinematic sunrise
  • 2x? every time i die
  • 3x? the wonder years
  • 2x? the dangerous summer
  • 2x? odd project
  • 1x true things


please know in advance the shirts are in various states of wear and disrepair based on how much i loved them over the years. some are still nearly brand new, some are ragged as hell.



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13 hours ago, superpeephole said:

interested in  the fall of troy!



11 hours ago, [Banned User] said:

Would be in for some Saosin and Chiodos



7 hours ago, SwiftCat said:

I'm interested in knowing what others you have

i'll take another look tomorrow and post a comprehensive list!

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  • chamb117 changed the title to FS: old band shirts—TWY, ETID, saosin, chiodos, TSOAF, the fall of troy, say anything, etc.

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