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$5/$10 Post-Rock You Pick 'Em


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I've got too many mailers, so pick as many records as you want from this list for $10 each (bold titles are $5!), plus $5 shipping (no matter how many you order). PayPal and Venmo accepted, freebies with every order. DM me, first come first served. Sale ends when I'm out of mailers.



Monolog / Subheim - Conviction 12" Clear /150

Souvenirs Young America / City of Ships Split 12" Clear Amber Marble /76

These Arms Are Snakes / Russian Circles Split 12" Black /1000 (has some outgassing, doesn't affect sound)

Unwed Sailor / Toboggan - Firecracker 2001 7" Black /250


Beware of Safety - Leaves/Scars 2x12" Brown Marble /300

Destroyalldreamers - Glare/Halo EP 12" Clear Red /100

Explosions in the Sky - Manglehorn Soundtrack 12" Black /2000

Gifts From Enola - S/T 12" Opaque Orange /300

Glaciers - And the Sea Won the Battle 12" Seafoam Blue /300

Glaciers - Mirrored Through the Ancients 12"' Clear w/ Black Smoke /400

Glaciers - Buried Inside 12" Peach Marble /350

Inventions - Maze of Woods 12" Black /1000

Inventions - Blanket Waves 12" Black /1000

Inventions - Remixed 12" Clear w/ Red Streaks

Lights at Sea - Palace Walls 12" Clear Green /159

Minot - Equal/Opposite 12" Black

Mono - New York Soundtracks 12" Black /2000

Mono - Memorie dal Futuro 10" White /500

Reels of White Softly Flow - Live LP 12" Black

Romance of Young Tigers - Marie 12" Black

San Angelus - Soon We'll All Be Ghosts 12" Purple/Orange Marble /200

Scraps of Tape - Grand Letdown 12" Black /260

Souvenirs Young America - An Ocean Without Water 12" Clear w/ Black Haze /350

Sparrows Swarm and Sing - Untitled II Yellow Marble /100

The Summer Pledge - You Are You 12" Black /400

The Summer Pledge - Vessels 2x12" White Marble/Black /150

Talvihorros - Some Ambulance 12" Ultraclear /150

Talvihorros - Music in Four Movements 12" Ultraclear /150

This Will Destroy You - Black Dunes 7" Pink /100

This Will Destroy You - Moving On The Edges of Things 12" Picture Disc /1000

Windmills By the Ocean - I 12" Grey/Milky Clear Split w/Grey Splatter /200

Windmills By the Ocean - II 12" Black /600

Windmills By the Ocean - The Gahtse 12" Black/150

Worriedaboutsatan - Heart Monitor 12" Clear Red /200


Red Sparowes / Grails - Black Tar Prophecies Vol. 1 12" Clear Red/Green Mix /100

This Will Destroy You / Lymbyc System - Field Studies 12" Clear /500

The Album Leaf - Between Waves Deluxe 2x12" Blue in Silver /900

The Album Leaf - Torrey's Distraction 12" Cream in Orange /900

The Album Leaf - OST 12" Grey Marble /450

Beware of Safety - It Is Curtains 12" Black Screened Cover 17/100

Efterklang - Performing Parades (No Jacket/insert) 2x12" Black

The End of the Ocean - Aire 12" Clear /250

Giants - Old Stories 12" White/Grey w/ Oxblood Splatter /300

Giants - They, The Undeserving 12" Opaque Maroon /100

Gifts From Enola - Loyal Eyes Betray the Mind 2x12" Grey /250

Mono - The Last Dawn and Rays of Darkness 2x12" Clear w/White and Black Smoke /1000

This Will Destroy You - Variations and Rarities Vol. 1 12" Yellow

This Will Destroy You - Variations and Rarities Vol. 2 12" Baby Blue

This Will Destroy You - Vespertine 2x12" Black

Unwed Sailor - Take A Minute 12" Black /500

Unwed Sailor - Look Alive 12" Black

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Four mailers gone, would love to get some more out the door. Anything paid today ships tomorrow.


New bonus, for the artists where I have three of their releases left (Album Leaf, Glaciers, Inventions, This Will Destroy You, Windmills By The Ocean). You can now get all three for $25 (plus shipping)! For the artists where I have two releases left (Giants, Mono, Souvenirs Young America, The Summer Pledge, Talvihorros), get 'em both for $15).


Think $10/record is too high? I'm a reasonable person, make me an offer!

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  • smailtronic changed the title to $5/$10 Post-Rock You Pick 'Em

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