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[PO] Royal Coda - To Only A Few At First (8.12.22).

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Album release date is August 12th 2022

Track List:

As We Fall Into Deep Waters

We Slowly Lose Hope For Things To Come

Insatiate, The Senses

One Last Time, Like Hypothermia

Screen Time Overload

To Only A Few At First

Malfunctioning Parts

Once Clinging To The Reeds

It Found A Different Path

Where The Air Seemed To Cease


Pressing Info (So Far)

/201 Red Marble (Sold Out)

/424 Purple Marble (Sold Out)

/568 Yellow Marble (Now Available, thanks @V3XED)

/796 Blue Marble (Added 7/30/22)

/3551 Blush

and /300 Screen Print with Blue Marble (8/10/22)

more variants will probably show up after each is sold out

/750 Orange, Newbury Exclusive with Signed Print




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On 8/16/2022 at 9:19 PM, cartmanlit3 said:

Which variant do you think is being sold by Amazon/Target?

My money would be on the pink, as it seems like the mass market one with the highest press count.
Just intuition but it feels like that is the final planned variant, at least with the tracking of current sales. 

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