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PO Now: Maxim Mental (Max Bemis) "Make Team Presents Maxim Mental in Maximalism"

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I was looking forward to this album being I liked the singles and I really liked Oliver Appropriate so I was hoping he'd be back on a streak after how bad Hebrews and IDTIS were. Max is a great artist and I won't question his reasons to his approach but this album is one that could have and should have been good and it's not. My main gripes are the vocal effects that seemed overdone and unnecessary, the child blabbering for over a minute on Jawbreaker (that was insufferable but I also hate kids), and the weirdest inserts and transitions with vocals. A lot of it didn't flow and felt careless. Half the time I couldn't tell what he was going for. If these songs were reworked I think it could be a good album but that isn't happening. At least I didn't preorder it. In perspective I can't see people going back to this down the road.

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