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PO: Turnover - Myself In The Way - OUT 11/4

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  1. Stone Station 
  2. Tears of Change 
  3. Myself in the Way 
  4. Wait Too Long 
  5. People That We Know 
  6. Mountains Made of Clouds 
  7. Ain't Love Heavy 
  8. Pleasures Galore 
  9. Stone Station Reprise 
  10. Fantasy 
  11. Queen in the River 
  12. Bored of God Orlando



Clear with Orange/Purple/Pink/Green Splatter / 200 (Magic Circle Exclusive) 
Red with Black Smoke / 500 (RFC Exclusive) 
Green / 300 (Magnolia Record Club Exclusive) 
Violet / 500 (Australia & Germany Territory Exclusives) 
Pink / 500 (Urban Outfitters Exclusive) 
Blue / 500 (Newbury Comics Exclusive) 
(Orange / 400 (Dinked Exclusive) 

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12 minutes ago, xfactor675 said:

These songs are awfully terrible, not that it's a surprise after the last 2 records though 

Good Nature is a great vibe album and I’ll die on that hill.  I could never fully get into Altogether though.  I don’t think it’s as heinous as a lot of people make it out to be, but it was definitely the tipping point that made me realize I can’t confidently PO anything this band puts out anymore.

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2 hours ago, Derek™ said:

New single sounds like they’re trying to tap into the success of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories about 9 years too late.

I was thinking the same thing. That sound was annoying as hell then and is still annoying as hell now.

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oof, when I received the email announcement from RFC with the cover art I had to look twice. It just looks so characterless like some random stock pic. I haven't listened to the new song yet, but unfortunately the last singles left about no impression at all either. I'll listen to the new stuff when it's out but I just don't have any particular expectations anymore.

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