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Hi. I have had an Audiotechnica LP60 turntable for almost two years now. As I have some Christmas cheddar to spend on some new goodies for myself (and most definitely will I be buying a couple of LP's) what upgrades should I make? So far, I am debating whether to get the following:

1. A New Slipmat (the one I have I really don't like)

2. A new stylus (this one might be for down the line, as it hasn't done 400 hours of playback yet)

3. A new belt (I think my turntable runs a bit fast)

What would you recommend? I know that some members don't like the LP60, but it works for me.

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Before you spend $24 on a stylus, $12 on a belt and $10 on a slip mat I would really consider just taking the ~$50 you'll spend and upgrade to a U-Turn which will be an upgrade for all 3 of those items. You can then sell the LP60 on Facebook marketplace for around $50 and net a pretty solid turntable setup for only $100 more. LPs can be bought anytime down the road

If that's not what you're looking for, yes, what you've stated above should do the trick for you

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