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Arctic Monkeys - The Car - 10/21/22 - P/O Now

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New Arctic Monkeys album, supposedly kinda funky? Curious to see what variants will exist. So far, I've seen two below:



Side A

  • 1. There'd Better Be A Mirrorball
  • 2. I Ain't Quite Where I Think I Am
  • 3. Sculptures Of Anything Goes
  • 4. Jet Skis On The Moat
  • 5. Body Paint

Side B

  • 6. The Car
  • 7. Big Ideas
  • 8. Hello You
  • 9. Mr Schwartz
  • 10. Perfect Sense

Gray (aka Deluxe)


Custard (Indie?)

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I think that's it for the time being, yeah, in addition to the standard black.

Gray, as the deluxe, has a tip-on mounted artwork sleeve while the others have a spot gloss cover image.

Wouldn't anticipate much more than this as they've not done much for variants in the past, but who knows. I think Tranquility Base had the clear, the silver, and then they did the gold at the release day pop ups.

I'd really love to get the custard but I've maintained getting the deluxe version of Alex Turner's output since AM onwards.

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7 hours ago, onandonandon said:

Very interested to hear a single or snippet of the album. While I like Tranquility Base, I am curious where they go from there.

Tuesday seems to be the rumored date for a single, we'll see how that pans out. A lot of rumors panned out with the release date and today being the day the announcement would drop, so we'll see. They also played a new song (which is apparently not the single) for the first time at yesterday's show, so presumably if they play it at the big fests they're doing this weekend, some good stream recordings will make their way online.

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1 hour ago, colbourne25 said:

Album pre order drop without a lead single... yeh, there's usually a reason bands/their management decide to do that.

Yeah, I am a tiny bit nervous here.

Ultimately, I decided to pre-order because at this point, I don't think there's much that Arctic Monkeys could do to alienate me. TBHC was as abrupt of a sea change as I could endure and in truth, I ended up loving it after I got over my mourning period of it not being AM2. I'm all in on the Monkeys and I hope they didn't hold back the lead single because it stinks.

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22 hours ago, JW1910 said:

wasn't there not a lead single for TBHC as well? 

There wasn't. In that case, I think they were trying to not scare everyone off as TBHC was about as sharp a left turn from AM as they could've taken. In this case, there will be a lead single & video in a matter of, like, four days.

I honestly think announcing the album with the single coming a week later is just because they're a big enough band to get two different news cycles out of that. Just good marketing.

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