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PO: Smashing Pumpkins - ATUM

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First two tracks from the newly anticipated SP release ATUM have been revealed via the Thirty Three with WPC podcast.


Autumn: https://old.reddit.com/r/SmashingPumpkins/comments/xibc6d/autumn_2022/?ref=share&ref_source=link

Butterfly Suite: https://old.reddit.com/r/SmashingPumpkins/comments/xibg95/butterfly_suite_2022/?ref=share&ref_source=link


Preorder deluxe 1st editions via Madame Zuzu’s website (both numbered out of 1333) 4LP sets with 5x bonus 7”:

Signed box set (smoke grey; allegedly the ONLY coloured variant) - https://madamezuzus.com/collections/atum-box-set-preorder/products/autographed-atum-box-set

Black vinyl box set - https://madamezuzus.com/collections/atum-box-set-preorder/products/atum-box-set-1st-edition-black-vinyl


Regular 4LP release (Amazon)





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  • beags changed the title to PO: Smashing Pumpkins - ATUM (MCIS/Machina "Sequel")

I'm just hoping for a good Pumpkins album and for Jimmy to not be a human drum machine anymore.  The electro pop shit has got to stop.  Beguiled gives me hope, I don't hate it, even if the drums are a little lackluster still.  The 74.99 euro pre-order is more along the lines of what I would be willing to put up to have it on vinyl if it ends up being a solid album and I really do think we'll see that in the US.  There's no way it's going to be $225 or more to get this album on wax or nothing and if that ends up being the case, I guess I won't have it.

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  • beags changed the title to PO: Smashing Pumpkins - ATUM

Listed on RSD website now, I was able to pre-order indie exclusive 4LP from my local store for $80 plus tax.  Also see it's popped up on Amazon, though the listing is not ready to take pre-orders.





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2 minutes ago, Justinadamk said:

So do we think these retail options include the 10 extra songs across the 7"s? Or is that what the extra $200 is for? 

Nah, these $80 versions appear to be only the base 33-song album.  The 10 extra songs on the 7"s are only included with the premiere holy shit box set package on the Zuzu site for $250.

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Just an FYI - it looks like some of the indie retailers have misinterpreted what they're receiving. There are different coloured INSERTS, but everything outside of the signed vinyl will be black. Looks like the smoke gets Atum will be the most limited release of any full length SP release... Ever?

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I just hope they press these properly. I really like the cover art.

The songs they're teased so far sound OK, but out of context it's hard to really say. What I'm mostly curious about is whether they will use a mix of production styles like on Mellon Collie. For example, the same range you hear between tracks like Stumbeline (sounds like a 4-track demo), Tonight Tonight (lush production with full orchestra), Tales of a Scorched Earth (full-blown noise/distortion with dozens of guitar tracks), Love (lots of electronic elements), etc. Thirty-three songs without this kind of experimentation and stylistic range are going to be a real slog, so I'm hoping that's how they approached the project. I think some more raw or extreme stuff would be cool to hear alongside their more recent style.

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5 hours ago, thesecrets0308 said:

Noticed on acoustic sounds listing that H-side says Audio Story.  So I guess 33 songs plus audio story for retail copies.

The audio story is something I have 0 interest in. Also, it's unfortunate that they didn't restrict the length so that each third of the album could fit on a single LP. I know that would be tough with 33 songs, but it probably would have yielded a better album, and a better listening experience on vinyl. Oh well.

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I asked Madame Zuzu’s customer service about the color vinyl postings popping up at other retailers (many of which were taken down today). Since the box sets were posted stating that the autographed version ($500) would be the only color version made available for this record, I wanted to see if they could clarify. 

They responded saying “Milky Way grey is the only color that will be available, and madamezuzus.com is the sole seller of the colored editions. The colored records will only be available in the autographed Atum Box Set”. 

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