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PO: Boys Night Out 'Make Yourself Sick' On Sale 22nd September 11am EST


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Boys Night Out - Make Yourself Sick

Parting Gift/Take This To Heart Records

First Press:

400: Heavy Splatter - (Colbalt & Canary Yellow) 

600: Whirlpool Mix

1000:Color In Color - (Sky Blue & White) 



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Miss those days of Virgil putting up bundles during the pre order. $20 for both color ways. 

Vinyl Collective Item #82138062
BOYS NIGHT OUT "Make Yourself Sick" LP set of both colors
Price: $20.00
Quantity: 1
Inventory SKU: SH77-1set
Date: 9/16/2008 8:26:28 PM

Then got the test pressing from him for $40. 

Vinyl Collective Item #82159061
BOYS NIGHT OUT make yourself LP TEST PRESS #/10
Price: $40.00
Quantity: 1
Inventory SKU: SH77-1TP
Date: 12/4/2008 8:12:53 AM


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20 hours ago, Han Solo said:

I'm a little sketched out that picture on Instagram showed the label testing the test presses on a $2 turntable lol

I mean... it's better than them not testing it right? They at least know if theirs major static, skips, etc. I feel like a lot of labels stopped checking, or only listen to 1/10, which is how we got a million records from the ETID Parts Unknown press that have 1-3 skips depending on your luck.

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