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Help identifying pressing info - Saves the Day “Stay What You Are”

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Hi, I’m looking for some help identifying pressing info for this copy of Stay What You Are. I looked on Discogs and the Vagrant site but it doesn’t seem to match up with any of the versions I’ve found. Thanks in advance!


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23 minutes ago, willgausmann said:

I had thought that at first. No misprint on the back though and color is more like red and looks way different than the deep purple  shown there.

There's a listing for a marble purple too, which is what the discogs pic looks like. Your picture looks more like magenta. When/where did you get it?

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And from ghe Green Mixed release page - https://www.discogs.com/release/5442793-Saves-The-Day-Stay-What-You-Are


Which links this pic - O8Q3vdA.jpg


Was it determined that Op’s release is magenta and discogs had the wrong pic? Cause looking at this release now, it looks like a fucking disaster. 

16 hours ago, Sanspants said:

It's Discogs and that entry was a mess from the beginning. 

Really is haha

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If anyone was curious, I got this info from Cobraside:


I wish I could give you more exact information – Cobraside pressed this record between 2011 and 2016, and during this time several times received shipments of around 400 copies each time on what we called at the time “basura” vinyl, meaning it was a mix of the ends of all the various color drums, each record unique in the particular color mixes.. that’s what you photo looks like to me.

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