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Yamaha P-200 play speed issues

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So I've semi-recently bought a second hand turntable, and although it was a bit of a gamble, it's in good condition for its age - I couldn't find the exact production date but from what I've seen online probably early 1980s. It's had a new cartridge, and the seller did say that it needed a new belt. I replaced the belt soon after buying it, but there's been a reoccurring issue where the player will play slightly too fast for a 33, then seemingly at random go back to normal. So far I've found nothing that could be causing this issue, but something that could be related is that the speed selector button (33/45) is extremely sensitive, even placing a finger on it with no pressure is enough to make it speed up slightly.

If anyone has any thoughts on a cause or solution that would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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