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Site has not been behaving properly for last 24 hours for me (no Quote Button, Images don't appear in posts)


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Hi Everyone,


Starting about 24 hours ago, I've been having issues with the site. The two most noticeable issues are 
1. The quote button doesn't work, and it doesn't look like a button anymore. It is now formatted to look like a link. Then when I click it, it just redirects me to the top of the page, rather than opening a reply with the quoted post.

2. No images are showing up in thread I look at. I've made some posts with images, and they are there when I'm viewing Create/Edit mode, but once published I can no longer see them, and I can't see anyone else's images either.


For Troubleshooting - I'm on a PC (win10 64bit) using Chrome (Version 106.0.5249.119 (Official Build) (64-bit))
1. I completely shut down my browsing session.

2. I did a full shut down of my computer

3. I've tried signing in & out of VC

4. I've tried on Android Mobile Chrome, and I have the same issues (even after a complete phone restart, browser restart, and a sign in & out of VC)

5. Tried using Edge

6. Tried using Chrome on a Mac computer

7. Called a friend and had them check out the forums on their computer (also a Windows PC), and they had the same issues, on both Chrome & Edge)


I'm at a loss of what to try next, but would love to know if you have ideas, or even if you are experiencing any of the same oddness I'm experiencing.



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  • Justinadamk changed the title to Site has not been behaving properly for last 24 hours for me (no Quote Button, Images don't appear in posts)

Hi Danny,


Yes, unfortunately I'm still having issues :(


I have cleared my browser cache, and I've tried other browsers like Edge, and I download Brave. All behaved the same. I've also had a few coworkers just go to some of the posts on the site to see the images on threads (they are not users on the site) and they do not see any images either. 


My current Theme is VC Dark Blue (Default). I wasn't aware that could be adjusted so I tried VC Blue on web and mobile, and the issue still persists.


Happy to jump on zoom call and screenshare so you can see what I see - just shoot me a DM with a couple times that work for you if that's something you want to try. Otherwise I'll try taking a video and uploading to a hosting site, so I can share what I'm seeing that way as well. 

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25 minutes ago, N8TRU said:

Same issues for me. Both of them started right after the update. Notifications in the website (on the header) aren't working properly either.

iOS safari

Quote button didn’t work for me the other day and seemed to just take me to the top of the page, as described. 

Just tried it now and it works. 

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5 hours ago, iwokeinrelief said:

Yep, same issues for me around not being able to quote and the notification issue as well.  The issues are occurring for me on Chrome, Edge, and Safari - on my phone, work laptop, personal laptop, and personal computer.

Trying this from my desktop and quote is working for me - macOS12.6, Chrome106. 

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