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When We Were Young Fest - Vinyl Offerings / Meetup Thread?


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Holla VC fam far and wide.

**Update, the show got cancelled on saturday, bummer!
So as a result, no insider info from me, and no chance to grab any merch. 
Sorry yall! Was going to update this sooner but was off chasing pop-up shows and the like instead 

I will be at "WWWYF" in Las Vegas this weekend, and it seems inevitable that there will be some either exclusive or elusive vinyl to be had.
I figured I (and anyone else attending) can drop info in here regarding what is for sale, and *attempt* to get things for folks who can't attend.

List of 'hot' merch, Ill keep this updated.

  • Saosin - Translating the Name EP  [Silver x/1000 ?]   (Tour / Live Exclusive)
  • Saosin - Translating the Name EP  [Blue x/1000 ?]   (Tour / Live Exclusive)
  • ...
  • ...


Speaking of attending, my buddy had to drop off the trip, and it made me realize it could be a fun opportunity to meet some folks IRL.

So if you are going shoot me a DM! I will be in Vegas the entire weekend but am attending the show on Saturday. 

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15 hours ago, Justinadamk said:

Any one that was able to go today (sunday 10/23) able to confirm/deny that TTN was for sale

I did not see this, or any other physical format music for that matter. There was a very large “artist merchandise” tent with each artist having 1-2 shirts for sale. Paramore and My Chemical Romance had a few more items, but that was it. No music, pins, koozies, posters, etc. 

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I was there yesterday, and I haven’t read anything online as it sounds some of you may have with regards to merch sales/band revenues, but I will say that I have been to hundreds of shows large and small over the past 20 years. My wife really wanted to go, she wanted to experience all of the bands she has listened to her whole life, was most excited for Paramore who played late in the evening. The way everything was organized, with a GA ticket ($350) it was difficult to see anything. The first 150 feet in front of the stages was “VIP.” My wife was ready to leave long before Paramore took the stage. We stuck it out, but we both agreed we would never go back. 

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