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I’m a complete newbie and need help

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my daughter is 14 and has asked for a vinyl player for Christmas. I bought her one without knowing what I was doing. I bought the Victrola Journey plus Bluetooth. It has built in speakers and seemed to do everything I wanted it to do. 
set it up for her as didn’t want to be doing it Christmas morning but it’s very jumpy and skips ALOT. 
I was wondering if anyone could recommend something for me please. I’m in the UK if that helps at all. 
mad I said, I’ve literally no idea what I’m doing so ideally we would want something pretty straightforward or I’ll need a really good description of what I need to buy. 

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I'm assuming when you say it's jumpy, you are referring to the arm/needle dooing small jumps if the player is bumped or there's a slight warp in the record that is causing lift off.


I think (and please someone correct me if I'm wrong) this comes down to the tone arm not having a big enough weight in the back to keep it from jumping. Unfortunately, a lot (if not all) of the Victorolas don't have the counterbalance weight to deal with it. 

In order to deal with this, I have seen people tape a penny to the top of the stylus, that usually keeps it from skipping too much. 

Go with the lightest coin in your currency, Since your from the UK I would suggest  a 5 Pence coin as it's 3.5 grams. anything heavier will ruin the record.




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Honestly, and not trying to be a jerk here, I would suggest returning that player and getting something else if you think she is going to continue down this path and you're able.


There is a pinned thread on this sub called "a beginner's guide to hi-fi" - give that a read.


Best of luck!



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