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Preamp to Sonos Play:5

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I have a project debut carbon turntable connected to a Bellari VP130 phono stage. This little setup has been able to give me headphone access (the Bellari serves also as a headphone amp, which is why I bought it) and a line signal that I used to feed to my Sonos Play:5 line-in jack. This worked well for years. 
Now o decided to buy a new headphone amp/preamp/speaker amp by a company called LTA (LTA Microzotl 2, or “MZ2” for short). The MZ2 is mainly a headphone amplifier, and it’s GORGEOUS. It has significantly improved my listening experience using headphones. However, I can’t seem to find a way to output to my Sonos. 
The MZ2 has an RCA output meant for a power amp, and banana plugs meant to drive high sensitivity speakers (1W power only). If I hook my Sonos to the RCAs I get a very low volume and somewhat distorted sound if I try cranking up either the phono stage or the preamp volume. Awful. I have not tried connecting the banana plugs to the Sonos because I’m guessing that output can damage my Sonos built-in preamp. I’m not sure what I’m missing here. 
Is it an impedance issue? Do I need a power amp to feed Sonos? Should I split the signal after the phono stage and before the MZ2?
Im pretty lost here. I mostly enjoy my music with headphones, but it’s a dealbreaker to not be able to use speakers, and the Play :5 is what I got. 
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I assume that the Sonos Five input is intended for a line-level (a volume level that never changes) as opposed to the pre-amp output (a volume level that changes by turning the volume knob on your pre-amp)  


it's not ideal, but I think you should be able to find a volume level on the pre-amp that more or less matches the volume level the Sonos Five expects to see.  


Check your Sonos Five to see if there is any volume setting associated with the line input you are using.   If you have another audio device that you can plug into the pre-amp for testing purposes, that would maybe help to identify if the issue is with the Sonos Five or the preamp.  

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