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PO: Thursday - War All The Time (20th Anniversary Edition)


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1 hour ago, TheGhostOfRandySavage said:

I dont have previous pressings, but wasn't that also a complaint about the other pressings too?

the original pressing is still the best sounding. the 2012 2LP from hot topic sounds horrible. I think the new pressing is an improvement from the 2LP but this one just sounds flat and dull. 

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On 11/14/2023 at 10:14 AM, dreamover said:

well, this pressing sounds pretty bad. pressing quality is fine, but sounds like it's just the cd/mp3 masters. not surprising. 

Yeah, this thing sounds like early 2000s MP3s slapped onto vinyl. I went from listening to a film score to this and the quality was so different and I had to mess with all my settings just to get it to sound decent. Glad to finally own it, but not exactly happy that it sounds like butt

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On 11/17/2023 at 7:46 PM, fuckinandsuckinandtouchin said:

That’s shitty to hear especially since the description says ‘Reissued here in remastered audio’ 🙄

Yea the biggest of buzzwords in the vinyl industry today that mean little to nothing.  I think half the time they just thrown that on any reissue to make people buy it again and think it is going to sound better.

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16 hours ago, SaulManella said:

This is currently on sale for 20.99 with free US shipping. 

Of course it is, since I finally caved and ordered last week.  It never popped up anywhere else and it wasn't eligible for site promo codes, so I expected it to be excluded from any BF sales.  I saw both Something Corporate records sold out, and decided it wasn't worth risking and waiting any longer for another retailer to stock it.  

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Listen, I hate lazy compressed vinyl mastering with everything I've got, but being remastered isn't mutually exclusive with sounding terrible. Most of the time I try to go for the original masters these days since so many modern remasters just sprinkle Jack Shirley dust all over the mix until there aren't any dynamics left.

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