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Bandbox goes belly up

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Bandbox is filing an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors

To Whom It May Concern: 

Bandbox is filing an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors. They are doing this in order to allow a court supervised process to liquidate the company’s assets and distribute the proceeds according to priorities established in law. 

Please see the link below for more information.


Thanks for the memories,

Team Bandbox 
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1 minute ago, scottheisel said:

I've been waiting on an order from them since November. Guessing I'm shit outta luck.

Same.  They seemed to have insane web coupons active at all times, so I’m only getting stung for like $18 and change after shipping.  Still super annoying though, and I feel for anyone who has funds tied up.  What a shit-show.

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4 minutes ago, rooks said:

Anyone surprised? Never paid more than half price for any of their releases.  Still remember arguing with this guy on reddit when he started this thing and trying to explain to him why I found the subscription model entirely unappealing.  Glad it worked out for him.

Oh shit! I remember that thread. Pretty much everyone told him it was a bad idea.

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18 minutes ago, Rip said:

What was special about these guys again?  Did they usually just have their own variants or did they do something special with each release?  I guess I never cared enough to check them out when they were around.

They did a zine with each release. Sometimes the zine even held up shipping and caused delays 


they were constantly doing BOGO sales and I always wondered how that was viable. 

they sent out an email recently saying they were shifting distribution but outstanding orders WOULD be fulfilled. Should have seen this coming though when they pulled all inventory off the site. 

I will say, the releases I got from them were very nice though. Big rips. 

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Looks like I still had 10 records for about $160 tied up in pre-orders with them. Between their crazy BOGO deals and even when they shipped free records out in 2021, I feel like I have broken even if I don't get any of my money back but will definitely be following to see what steps might be needed to get any of the money back.

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I got Alt-J - An Awesome Wave when they did a half off thing. I will say the record is a beauty and sounds great, the cover has a holo thing going on. Never read the zine, don’t care.

Maybe someday the quality and the price

point will meet. But I think people are pretty sick of subscription services and blatant gouging. Literally can’t afford it anymore.

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Always knew smth was up with their discounts and constantly shifting pricing model, but really lost any remaining faith around this time last year. I got hired w/ some other folks to be a (remote) writer & interviewer for their zines, and then at the start of onboarding, communication fell entirely silent. A full month later, I finally heard back from the CEO, who told me the editor who hired me (and several other contributors-to-be) quit, was fired, or otherwise no longer worked for them. Said he'd be running editing and zine organization by himself until further notice, and to await further instructions for the first round of assignments. Eventually he did send out assignments from which we could choose, and after choosing one, I never heard back again. Gave up trying to contact them because the whole thing seemed really disorganized. Shame, because it would've paid pretty well.

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Saw this post on raddit today:



If you haven’t already heard directly from a company called Lighthouse about this matter (they’re now in charge of sorting through Bandbox’s mess), you should email [email protected] and provide them with information about your Bandbox order.


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