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How did you find Vinyl Collective?

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I learned of Vinyl Collective about a year ago for some preorders i was purchasing... RSS'd the blog since, but finally registered on the forums yesterday.

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Ne'er a day goes by that this place doesn't receive some major lip service over on the Altpress boards. So even though I've got no real collection to speak of yet... here I am.

Now to jump over & get my name on that waiting list for the Cooperative.

Heh. Kidding. Too soon maybe??

Congrats to everyone that did get in though. I've been lurking for a bit and it sounds like an awesome opportunity.

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I think i was looking for the cheapest copy of start today for a friends birthday a few years back and i found it here, and was pleased with the selection... and kept coming back, but not to the message board as can be seen from my new comer status. Also, is thrift store 7" synonomous with worthless?

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Hi. I'm obviously new to the boards and fairly new to collecting.

I came by way of random link to pre order something I ended up being too poor to buy. That was a couple months ago and I've been lurking ever since. I figured I'd finally join because vinyl has consumed all my money so why not let it consume my free time.

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Guest scriptedrain
I found vinyl collective through my boyfriend (JPW) we both recently started collecting vinyl and it has become a quick obsession

Another couple collecting, awesome! :)

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