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How did you find Vinyl Collective?

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i've always seen the auctions and the site, but never bought anything from it. i was always planning to take advantage of the shipping deal, but going through all the pages seeing stuff i wanted, the thought of "saving money" wouldn't leave my head. nofxwiki.net forums lead me to this board!

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I would advise that on the vinylcollective home page the messageboard be put on the top bar of options. it is somewhat hard to find on the right hand side halfway down the page. it would be a lot easier for ppl to find if it were up top.

that is my suggestion.

I 100% back this.

At work the other day I tried to come to the board and it took me longer to find the board than it really should have.

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Guest Admin

I am not very savvy as a webdesigner so as I do realize the importance of having the link or button at the top of the vinyl collective site, I am kind of retarded at doing it in a nice way. i will work on something.

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I did a search for the gaslight anthem record and came across the review on this site abotu a week ago, didnt buy it because it wasnt available in the store so I spent my money on the preorder for drag;dents split and the tim barry...now if I only had the cash for the gaslight anthem I would get it, but Im moving in the next couple weeks, so I have alot of money going towards that, not to mention I dont even have a record player anymore after dabbling in vinyl and eventually getting out back in high school, only to get back into it again now...but I will definitely get one by the time the pre-orders go out and get forwarded to me by my parents...then I know its downhill from there with my extra spending cash and this place ;)

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I found VC, when i think they had a article/mention about why Fat was not releasing the new strung out and no use for a name LPs. And then i browsed the store and saw all the great items and stumbled upon the message board later. This is the onyl message board i am part of, but i love it here! i end up checking the board all the time while working and from home.

But it has rejuvinated my love for vinyl... i see i am not the only one who spends all their extra dimes on vinyl. However my girlfriend thinks i have lost my mind because everytime she comes in my room i have my excel spreadsheet open and vinyl all over the floor. I gotta finish my list!

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I think I sorta knew it was around from reading about vinyl online, but my first purchase from VC was the ETID boxed set. I remember how excited I was when I first heard they were making it, I was telling people who didn't even give a shit about vinyl that it was gunna be awesome.
lol i did the same thing. and i still always talk about my excitemnet for vinyl to my friends that couldnt care less lol they just dont get it
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