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How did you find Vinyl Collective?

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was reading the deathwish board a while back and someone was talking about the board here. on one hand, im glad i found you guys, as ive yet to miss out on virtually any vinyl release of the past 2 months.

on the other, i am now living the low life.

I joined the message board with the idea of selling a bunch of my stuff, which I have, but I've probably bought more than I ever expected.

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I am an noob here and came across the board after I got an email update from Suburban Home records...I actually read the whole email and saw the link for Vinyl Collective below the update on the Minus The Bear color lp's...so here I am now and couldn't be happier...even though I will be even poorer...ha ha ha!

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I actually placed alot of orders at suburban home and never really went on the board until recently. always looked and thought huh i'll check it out later.

biggie sized your name and photo made me think of a band i used to like to go see in the bay called jumbo size your combo. they were great!

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ScriptedRain [also known as my boyfriend] told me about the site when he was buying Russian Circles. From that point on, it's been in my Favorites...

...as for the board: I've been randomly reading parts here and there for awhile, so I just decided to finally join it. I'm not on my computer that much during the summer, but now that college is back on, I need something to keep me busy on my laptop during lecture classes.

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I've ordered a few things through VC in the past but came to the board after hearing a one steventangent speak so highly of it at the altpress.com forums. I just recently got into collecting vinyl and found this place as a wealth of knowledge where i can learn more.

Welcome, man! Good to see you in another forum. :)

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