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How did you find Vinyl Collective?

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an interesting fact about phrases containing the word 'fact':

Usage Note: Fact has a long history of usage in the sense "allegation of fact," as in "This tract was distributed to thousands of American teachers, but the facts and the reasoning are wrong" (Albert Shanker). This practice has led to the introduction of the phrases true facts and real facts, as in The true facts of the case may never be known. These usages may occasion qualms among critics who insist that facts can only be true, but the usages are often useful for emphasis.
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I found this place before I even listened to vinyl. I just thought to myself *hmm I wonder if ETID - The Big Dirty is available on vinyl?* so I searched it on google, VC came up, I ordered a bunch of shit, took my dads old turntable, dug out the vinyl that I bought at shows because I thought they looked cool at the time, and now I'm hooked. I'll be getting a new turntable for christmas, and as you can see from my trade list, I have more records in the mail on their way then I actually have on my shelf.

This is probably the most expensive hobby ever.

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