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post your set-up thread

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On 9/11/2018 at 4:45 AM, sethdavid said:

Just got a new set-up, nothing super special but a huge upgrade from where we were at. 
U-Turn Orbit Custom
Ortofon 2M Red
Marantz PM5005
Wharfedale Diamond 10.2


The TT on the same surface as the loudspeakers... Do you have anything to isolate the vibrations on the TT?

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Can anyone suggest a vinyl shelving unit that is 42-44 inches long and holds two shelves of records and I can put my turn table, amp, preamp, and digital streamer on?  I've been using one from walmart for the last 4 years, but with the addition of bigger amp and streamer, they are hanging like an inch off the top.

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I had a make shift set up a few years ago and then my turn-table kicked the bucket and I moved, so I got rid of everything except my small vinyl collection. A couple of weeks ago, I found a turntable, receiver, equalizer and a couple speakers for cheap, so I have a set up again! Eventually I'll start upgrading, but it'll do for now.


Ion USB turntable
Yamaha receiver

Pyramid Equalizer



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Not sure if I posted this pic right, but....

Finally have this thing about ready to go again......

Modded Thorens TD 165 

- Dynamat treatment underneath 

- added new faceplate and arm board

- painted plinth

- added base board and rubber feet

- added rega rb202 tonearm and ortofon 2M Red cartridge


I'm still going to have the platter powder coated black.


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Pic problem

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