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post your set-up thread

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Just picked up this beauty last weekend. Absolutely love it. Recently cleaned, recapped, and had LEDs installed. Fun story from the guy I bought it from. He dug it out of the back room of a thrift store in Idaho for $4 some time ago. Still has the price tag on it actually! He refurbished the whole thing and it's working fantastic. 


Need to look into a nice pair of speakers now to replace my Polk T15s. Any solid recommendations for sub $200?

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Hi guys and girls ... newby here. Getting back into vinyl after many years. My set up is all bought second-hand as I wasn't going to let this get to me when i started but things may be a bit different now  😁. However, what I have ended up with is - 

  • B&O Beolab 8000 Active Speakers - Silver with Black fret
  • NAD 3020e 140W Amplifier with built in preamp stage
  • Rega Planar 2 with upgraded RP3 tone arm + Rega White drive belt
  • A&R -  P77 Cartridge sporting a (refurbished by Expert Stylus) Low Mass Paratrace profile diamond stylus on a new cantilever

Oh ... and a hand-built ergonomic, super-functional record storage unit/shelves. Pics posted on another thread.

Sounding very sweet indeed if i say so myself. 


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