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post your set-up thread

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On 11/20/2020 at 2:53 PM, russtcb said:

Haven't posted on here in a very long time, but I thought I'd stop by to share a YouTube video about my whole vinyl setup :)

Any subs, likes, comments or shares appreciated :)



We decided that we'll have a new video every Thursday, so make sure to subscribe to the channel. 


Next video is a run down of my audio setup. Then going forward, we'll have a video every week about one of the rare pressings I have :)

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We've been doing one video every Thursday. Here's links to the past few videos. Any subs, views, likes & comments are more than welcome :)





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On 9/21/2008 at 3:12 PM, hyperrealist said:



This is the PL-71 I'll be setting up in the label office as soon as I find a suitable receiver/amp. I've been wanting this particular model for a while and a guy on ebay totally ripped me off on one. I picked this one up a couple of weeks later at a flea market for $30.

I used to sell those. I coveted it big time. I only ended up with something different because, at the time, I was overly mesmerized by separate tonearms. But that was my favorite TT in our store.

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I recently purchased a new setup, as I was using my DJ setup as my listening setup as well. 


Pro-ject Classic Evo

Upgraded the cart to a Sumiko Blackbird HO MC

Anthem STR Integrated Amp

Dali Opticon 8 MK2


So far, I have zero complaints. It's a whole new experience listening to music at this level, so I'm enjoying listening to a bunch of albums again, and hearing them differently from before. I have zero plans on ever upgrading the amp or speakers. The next upgrade, which will be far down the line, will probably be a new turntable such as a VPI Prime and a dedicated phono preamp to pair with it, rather than using the built in preamp in my amplifier. 

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Thorens TD 166 MKII  TT with Ortofon 2M Blue

Ohm FRS-11 Speakers

McIntosh C-28 Pre Amp

Bryston 5B ST (curb find!)

Couple of Nakamichi cassette decks in the wings, waiting to get sorted. 


The Bryston is a crazy random find. When I first moved to Brooklyn around 2010, my wife and I were walking in our neighborhood that has some pretty sweet $$ brownstones and I happen to see this on the curb and was stunned to say the least. It was also trash day, so someone must have been tossing this! Felt I knew the name at the time, but it was still well worth hauling the block home and researching the piece. It has some heft to it! Turns out the company has a crazy no questions asked 20 year warranty on all their stuff. It still had a few years left on the warranty, so got in contact with them, sent it to their US repair center in VT and had it sorted. There really wasn't anything wrong with it and it cost me like $80 to send and get checked out. It was the basis of my stereo and has been ever since. It's a tank! 


The pre-amp that I had before the Mcintosh, which was a 70's Rotel piece, was also a curb find. 

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11 hours ago, rrd said:

love the wood cases on the marantz stuff, i really need to track one down for mine

Thanks! These are a couple of my favorite pieces of audio gear I’ve ever owned, so I figure might as well dress them up. 

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On 4/15/2022 at 4:36 PM, shamrocks said:

went from this (with Marantz 6000 receiver, TT15-S1 TT, and Def Tech BP8 floor speakers)



(from 2013)


to this (Technics 1500C, TT, Willsenton R8 integrated tube amp, KLH Model 5 speakers). Different room too. Im pretty pleased





I'm looking at upgrading my turntable and am currently looking at both the Marantz TT15-S1 and the Technics 1500C.

Can I ask what prompted you to make the switch, which of the two you prefer and why?




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yeah i wanted to move to a direct drive. ive loved my TT15 but my son accidentally broke the stylus on the clearaudio cart shortly after i bought it and it was too much to get a new one so I bought a Grado Gold (still great) and enjoyed it fine. Very aesthetically pleasing as well, just wanted to make a change. Also, a bit finicky with the motor position, occasionally would get a little too close to the body and would make a hum (there is a hole cut in the chassis that fits over the motor but not to touch it - like a game of operation). not a deal breaker just something that annoyed me

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I realized that I do 99.99% of my listening on my desktop setup so I have been building that up a bit.   I might even ditch my main AV/stereo setup and free up a bunch of space in my living room.


the updated desktop setup 


Kef LS50 Meta speakers

Emotiva SE-8 flex subwoofer


Technics SL1200GR (2m Blue)

Mofi Studiophono preamp

Omnitronic TRM-402 4 channel rotary mixer

Emotiva Fusion Flex amp (variant of the 50 watt A/B mini A-100)


all of the sources go into the mixer and then out to the sub/amp/speakers.   That way all of my audio goes into a single amp and comes out the same set of speakers.   I can throw on a record but still hear IM notifications while I'm working. 


The only thing I am unhappy with is handling all of the volume controls in the signal path between my PC and the amp.   


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