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This is the first year since the lockout that my friends and I didn't renew our St. Louis Blues season tickets. I'm hoping we will be better than last year, but I'm not quite sure what to think. Our goal tending is mediocre with Legacy and Mason and we have absolutely no offensive defensman. Keith Tkachuk and Paul Karia are way past their prime. We had the worst power play in the league last year and I'm not sure how it will be better this year.

The only thing I am looking forward to are watching some of our young kids like Bergland, Oshie, Peron and Eric Johnson if he isn't hurt too bad from his fucking golf cart accident.

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Flyers/Devils ending a little while ago, Flyers won 4-1.

I'm impressed with some of the kids on the team. Hoping Giroux gets a lot of time on the Flyers and has a breakout season. I'm very confident in Biron for the season, and our offense for the most part. Really hope that Gagne's return is good, and he can stay healthy. The only thing I worry about is defense. Timmonen, Coburn, Parent & Jones.. great players, the rest? eh.. we'll see.

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My Canucks have the exact same problems as they did last year - who's gonna score?? Nonetheless I'm excited to see how Bernier performs if he plays with the Sedins, and there's several young guys like Grabner, Hansen, and Raymond. And bieksa will bounce back and fuck people up!

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Saw my Kings play last night for the first time in like 6 months. Ahh that was nice. And beating the Coyotes 5-4 wasn't too bad. Our goaltending looks tenable but we've got about 4 guys who all might be able to do the job. Strength in numbers!
How long has it been since LA has had a single dominant starter? They cant seem to figure out that it doesn't benefit you to have an awesomely deep set of average goaltenders rather than someone who can maybe carry a team and a mediocre backup.
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Storr was rushed so he never came to be what he probably could have been. As for other goalies, for a while the team tried what the Yankees are doing, bringing in has-beens to play goal. Same result, bad defense. With Dean Lombardi, the man responsible for Vesa Toskala, Kipper, and Nabokov I think the trend is going to change. At the moment we've got 5-6 guys who could be very, very good. The same thing he did in San Jose. 4 of the 6 guys who look like future starters are under 25.

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