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Slightly risky but it depends on the situation. for one - Ryan parent blows so I'm glad he is gone either way.

Being a cup contending/big market team helps as well.

For instance I could see people being happy to have their rights traded to toronto. Similar situation as the flyers a few years ago, a big market team with a new and aggresive gm who isn't afraid to pay money.

In those cases I don't think there is much risk. Of course it depends on who you give up.

In this case losing parent doesn't matter for the flyers.

Speaking of the leafs though, drabley - what are your thoughts of panuef. How do you think he finished the season? Thoughts on him being captain?

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I like Phaneuf and think he really needed a change of scenery after J-Bo went to Calgary. Though he hasn't exactly shown it lately, he's an elite level player and along with Kessel can cornerstone the rebuilding of the Leafs. Providing they bought into whatever longview Burke has, I expect to see them both in Blue and White for the next decade.

He's the kind of guy that is an extension of Brian Burke in the locker room, and by that I don't mean that he's a "company man" or anything like that. He's vocal, boisterous, and will call you out when it's appropriate. He'll hold you accountable. This is exactly the kind of atmosphere Burke is trying to create around the Leafs; that the days of entitlement are over; and I think Phaneuf is a perfect choice for captain because of it. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that his captaincy was in mind when Burke was in the acquisition process.

Completely different style of Captain than Sundin who was the quiet, shy, lead by example on the ice type.

We'll see when the season starts.

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Plekanec at 30m is terrible. 5 mill cap hit is too high, Montreal likes overpaid stiffs. I dunno what they are doing.

It will be interesting to see horton on a good team and toughens up the bruins but WTF are they doing on defense?

The need 2-3 guys there badly.

it'll be interesting to see how they work with the cap once they start paying Price, or once they give him a contract and start paying on that. they have to be getting close.

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