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Eklund as the first to report it.. so who knows if it will actually happen.

that dude is right 3% of the time, but i think this is one of the 3%. he seriously runs with everything he hears

he is a complete fraud and gets like one right out of every 400. Literally.

But he will ride this one for the next 5 years.

I am convinced he reads message boards and post rumors from what he reads.

As much of a Fraud as he is his "rumors" do create major discussion

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kinda surprised Sedin won the MVP, more for the fact that the media jerks off any chance it gets to praise ovechkin and crosby, I cant believe they remembered there was a 3rd person in the running. I thought for sure that crosby was going to win, just because of how he changed his game this year, but good for Sedin, his year was awesome!

the silver/gold skit was hilarious! some of the one-liners were awesome too, and mark wahlburg had to have been wasted to have said Tie Domi won the Caulder, he was so offended too by those bruins comments. what a stick n the mud!

oh and shinedown is SO BAD

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Given Philly's desire to shed salary and for a franchise goaltender I would think LA would be able to leverage that to get Carter and something for Quick.

Personally, for the Kings, a franchise always devoid of home-grown goaltending until recently, I would hope neither Quick nor Bernier would be dealt until one shows himself to be elite.

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I can't imagine anyone in their right mind would think hartnell alone nets you either of the la goalies

I feel like a proud papa. Its amazing the turnaround the Kings are making under Lombardi. The best goaltender the Kings ever drafted was Mario Lessard. Now, the Kings have two goaltenders who look like they can be honest #1s in the NHL. Its exciting for me, you'll have to excuse my elation.

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Arnott is believed to be seeking a four-year deal worth at least $16 million. The hangup, sources say, isn’t money or length of contract.

It’s something more basic: how Hamhuis might be used as fifth defenseman, his minutes, etc. For the kind of money the Flyers would have to pay to sign the unrestricted free agent, he’s really a No. 3-4 defenseman.

If the club can’t sign Hamhuis before July 1, they’ll deal his rights.

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