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Someone take Khabibulin already. Will trade for OOP vinyl.

Unless you attach one of your young players, I see the Bulin Wall sticking around for a while.

I'd gladly include any of the players on my shitty co-ed floor hockey team. Unfortunately, I think you meant the Blackhawks. Haha.

Rumor has it Lundqvist might be out for the year. If that's the case, Khabubulin is actually CHEAPER than he is, so something could be in the works there. Other than that, he cleared waivers, so they can send him to the AHL and not take the salary cap hit.

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I hate that no one in the Northwest likes hockey.

Well if you look just a little more north, you'll find a lot of people that like hockey!

Go Canucks and our captain, Roberto Luongo!

A captain who won't be able to do all the duties of a captain and won't be able to wear the "C". Way to go Nucks!

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Don't expect Satan to do anything. If you ever want an honest opinion of him, listen to Rob Ray talk about it him, it's hilarious. Sure he'll get some points, but he'll be the guy that gets the empty net goal. He'll pull off some ridiculous thing when it's 6-1 already. He's the A-Rod of hockey, but not even close with effort.

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The A-Rod of hockey? Are you seriously implying that A Rod is a worthless player? He's one of, if not, the best players of all time. He's going to shatter every single record. Just because he hasn't done well in limited post-season appearances, he sucks?

I think he was implying A-Rod doesn't produce except when the Yankees are winning already. Not saying I agree or disagree

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