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What video games have you been playing?

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47 minutes ago, Bronchitis said:

The last boss...my god. I had to farm balloons on the secret level in the second world to even stand a chance. My friend and I went through about 60 balloons on that fight. Good luck, my man.

Woooooof. Thanks!

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On 2/20/2019 at 5:35 PM, MachoHommeRandallSauvage said:

FFIII and FFVIII are my nostalgia Final Fantasies, I don't think I ever finished VII, so I'll be playing it fully through on Switch release. I think I still have ps1 copies of VII, VIII, and IX laying around somewhere.


Like you, I grabbed IX for the switch immediately but I'm holding off on getting into it until I finally finish off DK Tropical Freeze. I only have a few levels left in the last world.

VIII is my favorite by far. Never got into IX, despite trying a few times.

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15 minutes ago, Bronchitis said:

I have never played VIII but will have to give a try. I honestly haven’t heard many good things about it and just assume people are blowing it out of proportion.

It's pretty awesome. The summon animations are really long, but the card game they build into it is fun.

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