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Nightmare of you vinyl

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Good news re: Vinyl

I know we have been talking about this for what feels like forever now but finally we did it. The lacquers have been made and shipped out to the pressing plant. The artwork is complete and amazing! We are going to launch the pre-sale this week so you will have it in your hands before the holidays. We are very proud of the end result and think you will be very pleased with this package. This is a double fold record containing our debut LP as well the Bang EP on 10" both on multicolored marble vinyl. We are going to be changing up our web design to give you a sneak peak of some of the art.

* NOTE * this pre-sale is going to be a very limited edition of hand numbered and signed pieces. We are only offering a few hundred records at this time so strike while the iron is hot. If I got this as a gift I would be super stoked. Just sayin.

Also- I just listened to 13 of our new songs and I must say I am quite pleased with how things are going. For those of you who have come out to our shows lately you have probably heard a handful of these. We are going to be consistently playing more new music so come out to the shows!

So quick recap... pre-order the vinyl next week, come to our shows and drink plenty of green tea.

Peace and love,

Joe + NOY

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now if only their split 7" with This Is Hell would go up by its lonesome instead of the package deal with that lame tshirt.

I ordered it alone before he took it down, and shipping was added fine, weird it stopped working.

Yeah, I don't know either. I talked to a few people who do Os Commerce and web design professionally and they said they had the same problems. Sometimes when you have an item with a download, the store doesn't charge shipping despite it having a set weight. Sometimes it does add shipping...

If you didn't get see the 7" available by itself, it's because you missed out, not because we are trying to rip people off by forcing them to buy package deals.

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then how did you do it, have a certain amount available alone or certain amount saved for the package deal, like 50 for each option? i checked everyday, sometimes multiple times a day since you announced it and never once saw the 7" available by itself.

We sold a ton of them while the shipping was working, then it stopped working. I tried fixing it for a few days, but before I could do it, they sold out. We also sold a lot when the shipping wasn't added, and lost a bunch of money.

Sorry dude, but that's how it goes. It sucks it wasn't working right, but I couldn't find a solution and it sold out within a matter of days anyway. These are just the first hundred 7"s too, there's going to be a LOT more.

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10 minutes ago, youngwonton said:

Thanks for sharing this! I have the 2008 pressing with the Bang! EP but it will be nice to have the original album artwork. 

Of course! This seemed like a bit of a surprise. I haven't seen them mention anything about repressing this album.

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1 minute ago, Wasda Deelwifkramer said:

Of course! This seemed like a bit of a surprise. I haven't seen them mention anything about repressing this album.

Yeah I can't find anything either. NOY twitter has been inactive since May 2019 and Brandon Reilly didn't mention anything about it on his personal twitter account. They did just share a couple IG stories about the repress though.

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Just now, MCDELTAT said:

Hmmm. Saw Bad Timing tease this but couldn't remember where I had heard the band. Pretty sure I had only heard the single "My Name Is Trouble" from Stevens Untitled Rock Show or something. Might have to listen to the whole album before I plink down though.

Brandon Reilly from The Movielife is the singer. That's the only reason I know of them.

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