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Victory Records Vinyl Spreadsheet

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Charles Bronson - Tony Victory Knows How To Party Lyrics

The monster has been spawned

and now it's ready for some serious moshing

in the pit cuz it's ONLY THE STRONG allowed

for an EVEN SCORE with me

in an embroidered STRIFE hat and a DOUGHNUTS longsleeve.

Gee thanks for showing me what hardcore is all about.

Please kick my ass, oh pretty please kick my ass.

Cuz this monster makes me yawn ever since soapy jack got caught with his pants down he ate up every poser metal jock and shit them out on our scene which doesn't sound like supporting independent hardcore to me but thanks for marketing this fashion symbol drawn on my hand.

haha you dont know how psyched i am to see this in this thread.

MK Ultra - Bring Me the Head of Tony Victory

Just a job not

not for the kids

another fucking marketing ploy

the empire will never topple

as long as rehashed metal still sells

how can shit you see at Best Buy

still pass for DIY?

four color

shirts and covers can't hide

that the bads are shit support

independent hardcore?

who the fuck are you trying to kid?

bring me the head. fuck their shit.

two song seven inches

ads in every alt rock

zine. victory and his cohorts

are the traitors of the scene.

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On 2/25/2024 at 9:00 AM, One Hundred Fifty-Two said:

I appreciate the link but I was looking for the original one that had pressing numbers and such for the tests and early titles Victory put out. Used to have it on my old PC and can't seem to find a current link for it. Appreciate the help though.

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