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Post a PIC Of Your Collection (Band or Label ONLY)

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thats a crazy amount of against me!, good luck with the rest if that is 'weak'...the collector in me has been wanting to attempt some sort of "set", but instead of an entire band just an entire album that has crazy amount of presses and reinventing axl rose was one I was contemplating because of how many there are

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thanks guys.

I have EVERYTHING, except

S/T 12" EP (Opens from the top / Limited to 95)

Vivada Vis Demo Tape (Limited to 500)

Cav. Eternal 7"s (A few colors)

Sink Florida Sink 7"s (A few colors / No Idea didnt list the color variations on their site, because Var said there would be about 1000 different colors)

Thrash Unreal 7" (Red / Limited to 500)

Anyways, if any of you guys really want to help me out in my collection, PLEASE PM me if you have anything I am looking for, and please check my trade list in my sig. for colors I already own / possible trades. Thanks !! =]

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