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Post a PIC Of Your Collection (Band or Label ONLY)

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Meh, I think if you're gonna post a picture of a collection it should at least have a few variants, it's hardly a collection if you only have one of everything.

WHAT IF there are no different variants to collect? Is it still even considered a real band?

Posted this in the Hypercaffium thread, but thought I would add the picture here too. Only a few things missing and would love some help finding a copy of All on grey from the original '87 color press

ive been collecting actively for about 7 years or so now. My first was the Atomic Garden 7". Ill post a huge photoshopped pic of my 7"s in the next few days. I didnt have enough time to lay them all out together while I was home, but Ive got them all scanned so it should turn out to be a great pic.

As far as collecting, NMOH and TESF are the only ones readily available like you said. You can still find records, mainly on gemm.com and musicstack.com for varying prices. Most of the old stuff though and singles are pretty hard to find. A lot of the stuff that also came out of germany/europe is really hard to get too, even official releases (ex: tested was officially released, yet I have two of only three copies ive ever seen) and those 21st century digital boy singles are hard to get a hold of. I took individual pics of everything and will be updating the BR discog page on the nofx wiki in the next week, just have to photoshop the pics down to a decent size etc...

Im still missing a decent amount of stuff, and wish I could get a hold of more test presses.

best band.

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about 20 minutes after i took that picture, i got my VC cover in the mail. i'll take an updated picture when i get all my copies of get warmer minus the test :P

Where the hell did you get the red and pink get warmer covers?

I am missing the red cover and test presses :(

secret, sorry!

i don't even want to think about the test press of it. i'll probably never have one :'(

damn mike park and only making 5!

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this is true. i won't win it, haha.

i don't plan on having big money for records for a long time. i'm in high school with no job right now, next 5 years, college. no money ever!

don't worry...then you'll graduate, get a job, and then keep up the 'no money' trend because you owe so damn much for college! at least thats what i'm doing. ;D

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i'm missing a lot of btmi stuff


- Long Island 1st press except blue+black

- Long Island test press

- GCW record cover release

- OP!!! split 1st press except leopard, as well as the various covers

- OP!!! split test press

- OP!!! split record release

- GW pink/red covers, test press

im also missing an asob test press

anyone know when the 2nd presses of GW are due now?

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