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Downside to becoming an eBay Power Seller?

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From time to time eBay has said "HEY! You should become a Power Seller!" They then list a bunch of nice things they do for you.

Only problem with that is, there has to be a downside, right?

My main fear is that they force you to claim the stuff as income on your taxes.

Anyone know about that?

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powerseller isnt something you join. if you meet the requirements you are automatically a powerseller i believe. its all benefits for the powerseller status you get a chance to get between 5% and 15% of your fees back and prioritized customer service from ebay im not sure about the rest of the benefits. there are specific levels of powersellers based on monthly sales and all must maintain good detailed seller ratings and atleast 98% positive feedback. stores are an optional thing that is a fee

the fee percentage you get back is based on the detailed seller ratings if you get all 4.6 stars or higher you get 5% higher for higher ratings

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