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Official PEARL JAM Thread: Catch-All for all releases and related and 10C entitlement shenanigans

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All I know is my deadwax is different than the one fish posted. So I assume its a new cut. As to where it was pressed IDK. I think Newbury is at the mercy of the artist of label as to where stuff is pressed. I believe PJ has been pressing at MPO for the latest stuff.

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25 minutes ago, kramer73 said:

Did two separate orders of one each and got one of each in the mail today.  I'm beginning to wonder if there are actually more colored than we were led to believe.

Congrats.  So far 8 people on discogs seem to have it and only a couple people on the Ten Club forum plus us. Figure they probably pressed 5k black? I know they took 4500 web orders (3500 listed the first day and then they added 1k a couple days later when those got down low). So what's that a 1 in 50 chance? So our odds were only 1:25 which isn't terrible.


My brother also ordered 2 and his are showing up today. Now if he also gets 1 of each something is up. But I'd be surprised if they  sold more than 100. They specifically said on twitter that PJ wouldn't allow them to announce how many black ones they pressed. But they must have been okay announcing it for the color version then.

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1 hour ago, bear801 said:

If there’s only 100 of anything PJ fans will freak out


100 out of 5000 is freak out inducing for collectors.  Lol.  So 4500 were for sale online and 500 went to all of their stores?  Sounds about right.  Theres at least fifteen Newbury locations


i ended up with black.  

They seem fairly relaxed about it over there.  Might still be in post-show comas.  I didn't notice if there was anything bigger that they could complain about yet.

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