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Official PEARL JAM Thread: Catch-All for all releases and related and 10C entitlement shenanigans

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They’re an embarassing fanbase.  I love the band but their hugeness and cult status has bred some psychos.   I’ve collected their show posters for twenty years and i constantly have to leave their mes

LOL at people at 10C buying 5 at a time. And asking if they'll be flippable if they don't get a single color one. 

Gotta save the cash for all that sweet sweet tour merch.

I found a copy at my city’s second Target.  First one sold out before i could get there.  I forget that so many people love this album.  

One of the kids in electronics said “sir we had eight copies and the first seven were gone before lunch”.    I’m pretty sure he didn't know who they were LOL

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2 hours ago, chiefwahoo said:

Can now be ordered online from Target as well, first time for that in quite a while.

Thanks for the heads up. I spent one very long, very fruitless Friday, driving to 5 different Targets who all had "6 copies in stock" according to their website, and none on their actual floor for sale. (I guess I should've looked in children's clothes, in hindsight.)


And during a pandemic, at that. Not a good idea all around.


So I will gladly order multiple copies of this online, and let Target deliver to me, rather than dealing with humanity yet again. And yes, multiple copies.... because I've been a PJ fan for 19 years, and if I've learned anything, it's that anything even semi-limited WILL eventually escalate in value, often obscenely.

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2 hours ago, DC1221 said:

Just got an email from Target saying the copy of Ten I ordered online was delayed because it is backordered. I wonder just how many of these were pressed. 

Jus snagged the last in-stock copy from my local store via the online pickup...hoping their inventory is accurate...

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Decided to see if any of these were in stock in my area.  Look online, see there's one in stock at a downtown location.  Drive to downtown Target, they don't have it in stock.  Employee shows me they're sold out everywhere except for one store south of town with 6 copies in stock.  I say fuck it and head south.  Get there, head to the vinyl section, see no PJ.  Ask an employee if they have any in the back, he says no it would be out on the shelf and to check the end cap.  Sure enough I go back and check the end cap which faces the back of the store and see multiple copies in stock.  I'm briefly tempted to buy more than one copy out of greed but thankfully common sense takes over. Left with my copy feeling proud and now about to spin it.

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