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Official PEARL JAM Thread: Catch-All for all releases and related and 10C entitlement shenanigans

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16 hours ago, simple_torture said:

Both Fenway shows here. I entered the lotteries sure I'd only win one; there were a number of cold stares in the Torture household when my wife realized I had non-refundable tickets to both nights.

Same. Luckily I have a buddy out there and we're going to stay with him to save money on hotel.

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On 2016-06-10 at 6:46 PM, lexicondevil said:

Vault 6 is up for 10C members. 

Vault #6 is the 7/13/98 LA Forum show.

I immediately added this to my shopping basket, but when the shipping cost came up and I converted the $87.49 to Swedish Money (730 SEK) I had to cancel. Yikes.

The members contest will get this for me. Thanks.

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I'm an active ten club member and got the email with the discount code. I tried to order this immediately without logging in to my third man account. No luck. So i logged into my third man account but now it won't let me add the thing to my cart because it says i already used my one time offer. Wow, how did i fuck this up??? :(

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