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I think web browsing at work is acceptable in some professions (security guard, overnight crematorium operator, whatever)... but for more stodgy places, I think it's pretty unwise to visit any website unrelated to one's job duties. It's just another way for the management overlords to rank you and keep you from getting promoted. Or in the case of my pansy-ass company, they'll use your leisure browsing traffic as bait for firing you.


Unfortunately, disabling images in your browser via a plugin is only going to save your bacon from passers-by. The problem is that browsers generally don't offer low-level APIs for plugins to change the way a document is parsed... meaning the browser will still request any and all images the document is telling it to download. The plugin just modifies the DOM to remove all image tags. Same idea for the flash-blocking plugins that were popular in 2005 or whenever.


If you work for a nanny-state company which monitors web traffic, some consultant or the in-house network admin almost certainly has installed some traffic filtering device that can analyse images for cocks, tits, cunts, and all kinds of vulgar stuff, to automatically flag you for presumably browsing porn at work.


I certainly feel bad for the people who have been burned by NSFW content in an unassuming thread, but I don't have much sympathy. At my job, as a programmer in a huge financial company where every packet sent over the network is captured and stored permanently for seven years, we just goof around on cheap tablets connected to 3G hotspots.

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