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anyone else have a nerd room?

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Any room with me in it is a nerd room, to be honest.


I just moved (breaking up may be hard to do...but moving out is harder), and I'm in a 2-bedroom all by my lonesome. Which means the second bedroom is going to be the mancave. I should do before and after pics, since all my shit is still in boxes at the moment. I'm actually building a set of shelves for my lps with a buddy of mine, I really should get around to finishing it. Nice thing about being a grad student is you can be in your mid-20's and still live like you're in your early 20's. Give me two or three weeks and I'll actually have something worth posting.

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Guest scriptedrain

I really like the setup in that first picture, but I would have to have black speakers over those wood ones considering the color of everything else in view. It looks amazing though, just a personal observation.

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my house currently has three nerd rooms between my roommate and i

- the Punk rock bar. It contains lots of posters, set lists, CDs, Records, and a bar

- The video game room. Self explanatory, it has a ps3, a 50" tv, lots of CDs, some records, and Rock Band

- The basement / creepy room. A record player, receiver, boxes of records, boxes of Laser Discs, and board games.

I'll take pictures, but i'll warn you right now each room right now is a fucking mess.

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