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13/14 Premier League Football Discussion

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Supposedly ESPN is supposed to start broadcasting some Premier League games over here, which is kind of cool because it shows the sport is starting to gain some popularity over here.

Yeah, they bought up the rights to broadcast some games that were left after some sports channel over here, Setanta, went bust recently.

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i'm not sure how about the live match in other conutries.

for thailand, this is a forth season which thai can watch all 38 matches of all team in english premier league.

for me, i didn't buy a package for watch all match because i absolutely sure i only have time for 2-3 matchs....

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Good to see the Yids winning again tonight. Even better to see Man United losing to Burnley. No matter what anyone says, they are going to miss Ronaldo & Tevez.

Agreed, those two guys leave massive holes, and I don't think they've been able to find replacements that will go even halfway to plugging them.

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Liverpool started off on the wrong foot, but are back in stride.

but united play better.

i think this is not a bad sign because united will be back in the way.

for liverpool, i also hope they will keep this good peformance for longer period.

i'm so sick when liverpool win one match but draw in later many macthes.

anyway, it seems this is season opening period is time of london based club to shine....


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i'm not a green street elite member but sorry to say i cheer the hammers for this derby match, lee....


Haha, it's ok Yu, I'll let you off, but only because I like you, and only because we won ;)

Great result, nice to see us come from behind to win for once. Can't believe Carlton Cole's backpass that let Defoe in, he is the last person you would want a ball like that to fall to. Lennon's finish for the winner was class too. Our defending was a bit dodgy at times, if we can sort that out we'll be sweet. We are still missing key players in all areas too, Gomes, Woodgate, Bale, Jenas. Let's hope we can build on this first week and keep the momentum. Won't be easy, Birmingham up next week, always seem to give us problems, then I think we have Chelsea & Man United in quick succession. We'll see what happens!

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