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Un Update on WHATEVER (mystery,adventure,surprise)

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Guest markovianprocess
Finally got mine today after a "misroute" by the USPS... Thankfully it arrived in one piece, though.

My Whatever: Austin Lucas/Frank Turner UTI 8 TEST PRESS!!!! SCORE!!!!

VC, you guys rock like no other!!!!

Oh man, congratulations! If you ever want to double that $5 you give me a call. ;)

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Guest markovianprocess
i got joey cape - bridge and the new copyrights, also a good deal for 5 bucks!

I'm listening to that new Copyrights album the now. Bloody smashing band.

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Got my first whatever today.

Here's what I got:


Druglords of the Avenues - Sing Songs (Clear /500)

50 Foot Wave - Power and Light (Magenta /250)


Joey Cape/Jon Snodgrass - Who Wants To Get Down (Blue /500)

The Messy Hairs vs. The Ginders (Black)

In The Red - Vol. 1.5.1 (Red /300)

Discount/Cigaretteman Split (Black)

Pretty good for 5 bucks.

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Just got my second "Whatever" order and recieved:

Ghost Buffalo - The Magician Ltd. Edition Tan/Brown Half & Half

Stereotyperider - Songs In The Keys of F and U (apparently VC really wants me to be into this band, because in my first order, they sent me a test pressing of this same record haha)

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