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fs: death cab - transatlanticism


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a good person informed me that if i made a separate thread just for this record that i could probably get a decent amount for this.

normally i'm not a person who ever sells records, hell i barely even trade them. but cancer sucks and is expensive and i need to get rid of things/make as much money as possible to pay these bills.

other relevant threads to this are:

general, hey i have cancer and it sucks thread:



i have cancer buy my shit for real cheap thread:


not trying to get record breaking popsike prices here (fyi that is $153USD), just like, you know...a good samaritan offer.

for the record, i played it once on a rega p1, it's in a 6mil dust sleeve.

if someone wants to pay $100+ and is in the US, as an added sign of gratitude for helping me through the shittiest thing i hope to ever go through, i will also send you a loaf of home made (from a secret recipe) (organic) banana bread (your choice of: regular, vegan, bourbon) for the holidays.

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