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Voice in the Wire: Reunion Show / LP news

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Justin I had no idea you knew these guys. This is so awesome. Does this mean you'll be at the show in February?

Yup and Yup, met em years ago when my band played with Teddy Duchamps Army, weird awesome night where everything clicked just right and we've been friends ever since. the Singer lives in Chicago now so I see him as often as possible, which isn't very often as he's a college professor...and has zero free time, but he just finished writing a book so I think he actually has SOME free time now...so I WILL be at the show!

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just saw that Strung Out is playing a show in Pittsburgh the same night. hope it doesnt hurt this show.

as I'm not a Strung Out fan at all, I don't see this as an issue...I think we're all in for a special treat with the VITW show anyway.

also, on that note...Rainbo is shipping the LPs today.

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